Tuesday, December 16, 2008

POST#1 Protect your pyramid

The pyramids held very valuable ojects such as gold ,silver, board games, amulets precious golden masks and any other thing that was important to the king (phrarsohs) in there life time. WOW that would be alot of things for me if I was burried with important things in my life like the pharaohs were! having this many precious objects in a tomb made it very tempting to steal from the tombs. Anyways there was people called tomb robbers that would try to steal these important objects. This a very big issue for the egptians so they would have to very much protect the ancient pharaohs tombs.

Monday, December 15, 2008

POST#2 Making a pyramid not to easy!!

The great pyramids were said to be built by using ramps to pull the 2,300,00 huge stone blocks up into place omg that must have been some hard times for them. Of corse this took a long time people have said it took from 20 to 30 years to build just oe great pyramid WOW!! When egypians built a new pyramid this was a big ceremoy.And of corse there was a reason to build these great master pieces! pyramids were often built to house and burry there awsome pharaohs!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

POST #3 ♥Step right up to the step pyramids

The step pyramid had houses around it in the north and the south. Also the step pyramids had all togeather six steps. The first step on it was 398 feet long and 358 feet across. From top to bottom the steps were 198 feet tall and all very long omg that is really tall! Near the pyramid was a huge court yard that was consitered the first sports arena lol not the best place to play the sports that we play today, Even though they didn't play close to as many sports as we do today!

POST#4 ♥Who knew that about ancient pyramids NOW?♥

Today people are still very fasanated by the ancient pyramids lol in know that I don't know to much about them. They are used in many ways such as using them as hotels and they are on the back of dollar bills also even the simplest ways such as in the food pyramid . People are still trying to uncover mysteries of the great ancient pyramids!

What are areas of streagths for this blog?

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Response?'s ♥What are areas of improvement for this blog?♥

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POST5♥Go right into the gross old tombs!

The insides of the pyramids were very interesting they had pictures that told everything about there life there was no writing on the walls only hyeroglyphics. And there was stars on the tops on the walls and there were egypitans at work on some walls. There also were many rooms in the great ancient pyramids. Such as the kings chambers and burial chambers these were known as the hearts of the pyramids. Also there was Queens chambers people today think that there were made for king Khufu.